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Mach 500

Make More.

The Mach 500 is unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed, making it your most productive solution. The system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity, backed by the only comprehensive service program in waterjet. Uniquely flexible, the Mach 500 can be everything you want, or just what you need.

Flow Mach 500 Waterjet Machine

Key Features

Flow Mach 500 waterjet inside warehouse

Modern Architecture

Driven by extensive research and customer feedback, the Mach 500 is the fastest, quickest, most accurate waterjet by design. Designed with the operator in mind, the system is built for production. No other waterjet is quite like this.

Closeup of waterjet cutting head cutting an intricate pattern in metal

Unmatched Accuracy

With the modern architecture, precision motion, and Flow's leading ultrahigh-pressure technology at the core, the Mach 500 is unmatched in speed and accuracy. Paired with Dynamic XD and Compass, there is no waterjet that can compare.

Dynamic waterjet cutting head cutting metal

Smooth Motion

The Mach 500 is equipped with top-of-the-line components from leading machine tool suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control, and solid model software to create a machine that is the quickest, and most accurate on the market.

Two men working at a Mach 500 Flow Waterjet machine

Solid Foundation

The ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, machine control, cutting heads, industry-leading software, and advanced wrist articulation pioneered by Flow are the foundation of the Mach 500.

See the Mach 500 in Action

Get a glimpse of what makes our flagship waterjet system one of the most advanced waterjets in the industry. We’ll explore table sizes, cutting head options, pumps, accessories, and more.

Mach 500 Series Sizes

General Specifications

Linear Positional Accuracy
± .025 mm
Rapid Traverse Maximum
17.8 m/min
0.1 g
± .020 mm
Ballbar Circularity
± 0.0635 mm
Z-Axis Travel
305 mm, 610 mm
Work Envelope

Mach 500 2020: 2 m x 2 m
Mach 500 3020: 3.05 m x 2 m
Mach 500 3060: 3.05 m x 6 m
Mach 500 4020: 4 m x 2 m
Mach 500 4080: 4 m x 8 m

Linear Positional Accuracy
± .001 in
Rapid Traverse Maximum
700 in/min
0.1 g
± .0008 in
Ballbar Circularity
± 0.0025 in
Z-Axis Travel
12 in, 24 in
Work Envelope

Mach 500 2020: 6’-6” x 6’-6” 
Mach 500 3020: 10’-0” x 6’-6” 
Mach 500 3060: 10'-0" x 20'-0"
Mach 500 4020: 13'-1" x 6'-6" 
Mach 500 4080: 13'-1" x 26'-0" 

Accuracy specifications per 3 ft/1 m of travel in factory-controlled setting unless otherwise noted.

Core Component Options

Cutting Head Technology

Pure Waterjet
Hair-thin pure waterjet stream ideal for cutting soft materials. 

Standard Waterjet
Uses garnet abrasive to cut virtually any hard material. Learn more.

Dynamic Waterjet®
Three times faster and more accurate than Standard Waterjet. Learn more.

Dynamic Waterjet® XD
Accurate 5-axis motion, capable of cutting compound angles with high accuracy. Paired with Compass, Dynamic XD is the fastest, most accurate, cutting head with the greatest amount of flexibility. Learn more.

Cutting Head Technology

Pump Technology

HyPlex® Prime
60,000 psi [4,150 bar]
The highest pressure, most advanced direct drive pump available today, with pressures rated at 60,000 psi [4,150 bar]. Learn more.

60,000 psi [4,150 bar]
With continuous operating pressure at 60,000 psi [4,150 bar], the MotoJet is built for the demands of high-production environments. Learn more.

MotoJet® X
60,000 psi [4,150 bar]
Engineered to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance, and outlast and outperform the rest. It's the longest lasting pump in the industry. Learn more.

94,000 psi [6,500 bar]
Provides maximum productivity with continuous operating pressures of 87,000 psi [6,000 bar]. Learn more.

Pump Technology

Software Suites

Easy-to-use Flow software suites allow you to program a part quickly–any material, any thickness.

The FlowMaster software suite, consisting of FlowCut, FlowPath, and FlowNest has everything you need to design and cut 2D waterjet parts. Learn more.

The FlowXpert software suite, consisting of FlowXpert Infinity, FlowCut, and FlowNest gives you all the tools you need for both 2D and 3D cutting. Learn more.
Software Suites

Service Guarantee

With the Mach 500, you can rely on Flow to partner with you for service, parts, training, and beyond. Flow has established a new industry standard with the Mach Series, providing complete solutions for machine systems, software, service, and support.

We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to keep your system running at its best. Professional training is available in both classroom settings, as well as on-site.
Service Guarantee

Best for these Applications

Whether you are cutting the same thing every day, or changing materials to meet customer demands, a Flow waterjet will get your work done.

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