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Standard Waterjet

Easily Cut Virtually Any Material

In standard waterjet cutting, the stream remains perpendicular to the material being cut at all times. The supersonic stream accelerates abrasive particles and erodes the material. It is capable of cutting hard materials such as metals, glass, stone, and composites. Using standard parameters, this cutting head can cut materials with hardness up to and slightly beyond aluminum oxide ceramic (often called alumina, AD 99.9) and over 10 inches thick.

Flow Paser 4 Standard Cutting head over a waterjet cutting table

Key Features

Thick metal cut part with beveled edges and satin smooth edge

Part Quality

No heat affected zones, no mechanical stresses, and extremely detailed part geometry.

Close up of Flow mini hopper on waterjet

Easy Setup

One jet setup for nearly all abrasive jet jobs.

Various metal parts - brass, copper, aluminum on a Flow waterjet table


Increase productivity by stacking sheet material.

Flow pure waterjet cutting head cutting a gasket


Quickly switch to either abrasive or pure water cutting.


FlowMaster logo - Flow software suite
FlowMaster Software 
Icon demonstrating various cutting thickness ability of waterjet

Part Thickness
Over 10" Thick
[Over 254 mm Thick] 

Core Component Options

PASER 4 Cutting Head

Paser UCL (Ultra Component Life) technology extends orifice and mixing tube component life to an unmatched level. You get lower cost of operation since fewer parts are consumed and maintenance intervals are greatly reduced.
PASER 4 Cutting Head

UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist

Our exclusive UltraPierce Vacuum Assist technology provides reliable piercing of brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites. 

Learn More
UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist

Dynamic Contour Follower™ and Collision Sensor

The Dynamic Contour Follower (DCF) allows for automatic setting and tracking of the stand-off distance between the mixing tube tip and the material being cut, allowing for more efficient and accurate part cutting. 
Dynamic Contour Follower™ and Collision Sensor
flow dynamic xd cutting head cutting metal

Put Flow’s Waterjet to the Test

Your Part, Your Specs, Our Waterjet.

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