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Rotary Indexer

Water-Resistant Submersible Rotary Head

Rotary Indexer combines the precision of abrasive waterjet technology with a robust solution for cutting complex shapes in round geometry. The tool is a durable, IP-67 rated water-resistant submersible rotary head that, in conjunction with Dynamic Waterjet® XD, allows the waterjet to cut 6-axis parts, creating complex 3D shapes in tube, pipe, and bar stock. As a simple attachment which can be easily mounted on your Mach 500 waterjet system, Rotary Indexer significantly expands a shop’s cutting capabilities.

Rotary Indexer
person doing an accuracy check on a metal cut part

Purposeful Precision

Precision indexed rotations offer accurate cutting, with +/- 0.005 degrees indexing accuracy, of round shapes and other multifaceted materials. When used in tandem with Dynamic XD®, Rotary Indexer can cut complex shapes and angles with the full benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting, no heat-affected zone.

Compass on a waterjet cutting composite

Thoughtfully Designed

Sturdy construction, with a 3-jaw chuck, Rotary Indexer is capable of processing large, heavy parts up to 100 lbf. The rotary head securely holds round material without the need for any custom fixturing, making it uniquely flexible for waterjet cutting. 

Rotary Indexer is easily added to a Mach 500 system and can be placed almost anywhere in the tank. With full envelope cutting for flat stock, the attachment does not reduce the envelope size, maximizing workspace. It’s easily removed from the waterjet tank, making it simple to use when needed, and remove when not.

hands holding a cut part

Optimized for Waterjet

The durable design is built for a waterjet environment, with a fully submersible rotary head. The IP-67 rating allows for clean and quiet cutting even when fully submerged. Flow’s Rotary Indexer is optimized for waterjet. With intuitive, button-based programming, it can be quickly programmed and controlled from the roll-around console.

flow dynamic xd cutting head cutting metal

Put Flow’s Waterjet to the Test

Your Part, Your Specs, Our Waterjet.

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