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Waterjet Cutting Technology

Cut virtually any material, any shape, any thickness with a Flow waterjet. Which waterjet is right for you?

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50 Years in Waterjet

Over the past five decades, we've witnessed the evolution of Flow waterjet technology and its profound impact on shaping the world through water. Committed to leading waterjet innovation, we strive to deliver solutions that go beyond your expectations.

While the last 50 years have been remarkable, we firmly believe, the best is yet to come.


Explore Waterjet Systems

At Flow, we manufacture the entire waterjet system, including the pump, cutting head, XY table, and software. This means we’ve got a seamlessly integrated configuration specifically for your cutting and business needs.
Full line up of Flow Mach Series Waterjets in a V shape

Can Water Cut It?

There are major advantages to cutting with waterjet, like the fact that it’s a cold cutting process, virtually eliminating secondary processing and delivering smooth edge quality. And how any setup changes are minimal when pivoting between parts, as well as how easy waterjets are to program and operate. Yet, the #1 advantage of waterjet technology is its ability to cut all types of materials, on the very same system. Virtually any material, virtually shape. Waterjet can cut it.

Explore popular materials and applications:
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Waterjet in the Real World

The flexibility of waterjet means it nests perfectly into a wide variety of industries. Explore some of the industries where waterjet has become a popular cutting solution and envision how it can transform yours.

Browse the Waterjet Library

Waterjet is a fascinating technology. The stories behind the people who use them every day are inspiring, and it’s undeniably mesmerizing to watch. Whether you’re interested in educational articles, videos, or real-life customer stories, we’ve curated the best in waterjet.
Dive in now.

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Waterjet + Laser = Yes, Please

Often times waterjet and laser are pitted against each other as competitive technologies, vying for important space on the production floor of fabrication or machine shops. But what if these two state-of-the-art technologies didn’t compete for cut time, but complemented one another?

Spotlight on stone cutting with waterjet.

Spotlight On Stone

Have you ever wondered how a waterjet can make a difference in your stone fabrication operations? Waterjet easily cuts natural and engineered stone – both straight lines and curves – while reducing manual labor and costs.

10 critical factors ebook cover on an ipad

10 Critical Factors You Can't Ignore When Considering Waterjet

Using waterjet technology to grow your business isn't hard; choosing the right configuration, though, can be a little more complicated. With a wide variety of options and possibilities to consider, getting guidance from experts is key in making the right choice.

What's Next in Waterjet

At Flow, we have a long history in the world of waterjet, dating back to the invention of the first abrasive waterjet in 1979. To this day, our team of engineers, designers, and application experts continue to drive the industry toward the future of waterjet, improving the technology for the owners and operators we partner with every day.
Flow employees standing in tradeshow booth with the #19 Flow Nascar

Upcoming Events

We’ve got a jam-packed tradeshow schedule this year! Be sure to check out our calendar and come visit us at a tradeshow near you. Most of the tradeshows we attend feature live waterjet cutting.

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