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Waterjets are popular in the world of fabrication and it’s easy to see why. A Flow waterjet delivers the ultimate versatility in cutting virtually any material, at any thickness, and aligns perfectly with the needs of owners and operators in the world of fabrication. From precision stainless or aluminum fabrications to thick armor plate or weldments, no other technology provides the versatility waterjet does, making it the ideal solution to take on nearly any project.

Fabricators often need the flexibility to pivot on demand with the changing requirements of business. This is the exact environment where waterjet excels. With a waterjet you have a flexible solution that delivers results for the widest variety of jobs.

Fabricate Freely with Waterjet

The value-add process of fabrication traditionally excels in environments that include bending, cutting, assembly processes, and more. For several reasons, a waterjet acts as a perfect complement in a fabrication setting.

The cold cutting process allows fabricators to cut finished holes with no additional processing required.

Flow Waterjets Deliver:
Ultimate flexibility • Wide variety of systems to match your needs • Virtually no secondary finishing required • High production • Low maintenance

hand holding thin geometric flower cut part

Cut a Variety of Materials

Waterjets offer the flexibility to cut soft, thin rubber gaskets in the morning, switch to glass in the afternoon, and then move on to cutting thick Inconel in the evening.

collage of images of materials that waterjets can cut including cardboard, composite, paper, metal, and stone

Ultimate flexibility

a metal cut part featuring an internal bevel cut with a straight exterior cut edge

3D capabilities

close up of a waterjet cutting a small metal impeller part

Virtually no secondary finishing required

corner of a stone countertop with joined edge at center focus

Easy weld prep corners

Popular Waterjets for Fabrication Shops

Mach 500

The Mach 500 is the workhorse of waterjet and comes with the widest configurability and options. Select from every Flow waterjet pump or cutting head option to gear your waterjet up for your specific machine shop needs.
rendering of a Flow Mach 500


This enclosed waterjet solution is well-suited for a machine shop. From the compact model to larger solutions, the EchoJet keeps the waterjet behind closed doors, with added operational efficiencies.
Flow EchoJet
Seattle Metal Products' Mach 500 waterjet system in their shop

Fabrication Customer Highlight

Fireball Tool

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