Schematic of Flow ultrahigh-pressure pump

Pump Technology

The pump is the heart of the waterjet system, continuously delivering pressurized water to the cutting head.

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Schematic of Flow ultrahigh-pressure pump

Pump Technology

The pump is the heart of the waterjet system, continuously delivering pressurized water to the cutting head.

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94,000 psi [6,500 bar] Intensifier Pump


The HyperJet® intensifier pump is the most advanced and robust high-pressure system available. With 94k HyperPressure technology, you will cut faster and increase production all while reducing costs.

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Flow HyperJet


Durable Pump Design

The durable pump design features full intelligent controls, monitoring, and communication ability with an additional control panel at the pump for easy maintenance and diagnostics.

Full Diagnostic Intelligence

Digital pressure transducer and display make it easy for operators to see their operating pressure, reducing the possibility of damaged work materials due to incorrect pressure.

Fully Electronic Pressure Control

Pressure setting and control is integrated into the machine operator station, greatly enhancing operator convenience.

Built-in Safety

Automatic high-pressure bleed-down valve relieves system water pressure to 0 psi [0 bar] within one second of shutting down the pump. When the pump is powered down or the emergency stop is activated, solenoid valves automatically shut off both the filtered water and pump cooling water. This option overrides automatic cooling water flow control and maximizes water savings.

Dual Pressure Control

Designed for applications where a low pressure pierce may be necessary before a higher pressure cutting operation, the dual pressure control provides a simple way to switch between two output pressures.

Cooling Water Flow

Thermostatically controlled valve regulates cooling water flow while minimizing water usage. This enhances pump performance and optimizes inlet water usage.

User-Friendly Pump Enclosure

The pump enclosure is visually and functionally integrated into the machine tool system and features convenient, user-friendly designs: air assisted lifting top, removable side panels for full maintenance accessibility, handle-integrated status light, interior work light, and sound deadening materials.

Equipped with Waterjet Connect™

Every HyperJet pump comes equipped with Waterjet Connect — your unique, one-stop-shop for accessing all things related to your waterjet system. Order parts, schedule service, view your order history, and more through your Waterjet Connect account.



30 / 50 / 100 hp

Orifice Size

0.007” / 0.010”
[0.178 mm / 0.254 mm]

Flow Rate

0.64 / 0.93 gal/min
[2.42 / 3.52 l/min]

Max Generated Pressure

94,000 psi[6,500 bar]

Max Operating Pressure

87,000 psi[6,000 bar]

Headset symbol; Flow's Service and Support; white icon on gray background

Service & Support

The HyperJet is backed by Flow's global service network. Technical documentation, phone support, and on-site maintenance plans are a few of the ways we offer support to our customers. Click here to learn more about our service plans.

Wrench symbol; Flow System Maintenance; white icon on gray background


As with any high-performance machine, the HyperJet pump requires periodic maintenance and service. We offer exclusive tools to ensure easy, consistent, and reliable maintenance for all HyperJet components. The customized tool kit facilitates maintenance and consists of items such as girth and spanner wrenches and seal installation tools. In addition, you will receive medical alert cards for the system operators.

Hard-hat symbol; Flow Safety by Design; white icon on gray background

Safety by Design

This pump is designed for safe, reliable, continuous operation at 87,000 psi [6000 bar] in tough industrial cutting applications.

Flow’s pumps are manufactured in a facility which follows the strictest rules of manufacture and safety, including extensive metallurgical testing and full source tracing of the highest performing metal alloys available.

Velocity Matters

Only pressure determines jet velocity. Get technical with a whitepaper and learn how Flow waterjets can cut with the fastest stream velocity in the industry.

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