Pivot+ Waterjet

Cut flat stock, bevel, and diverse geometry parts.

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Pivot+ Waterjet

Cut flat stock, bevel, and diverse geometry parts.

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Pivot+ Waterjet

Durable, Compact, & Streamlined Bevel Cutting

Add a new dimension to your waterjet bevel cutting capabilities and open the door to fresh opportunities with Pivot+™ Waterjet. Get multi-axis, taper compensation cutting with accuracy and flexiblity. Designed by the same engineers who developed Dynamic Waterjet® XD (the world's premier 5-axis cutting solution), Pivot+ is a robust, compact cutting head.

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Pivot+ uses multi-axis cutting to bevel cut

Multi-Axis Cutting

Pivot+ is a robust, multi-axis cutting solution with taper compensation.

Pivot+ uses a compact design

Compact Design

Designed by Flow cutting technology experts, the compact design delivers maximum cutting area.

Pivot+ uses high speed motion

High-Speed Motion

Exceptional throughput with high speed wrist motion. Pivot+ offers fast set up and calibration to get you into production fast.


60° of Motion

Up to 60° of motion for bevel cutting

Durable Operation

IP67 rating for durable operation

High Speed

High speed wrist — up to 120 RPM

Mach 200

Exclusively available on Flow's Mach 200 waterjet systems


Software Integration

Integrates with FlowMaster® and FlowXpert® software suites

UltraPierce Vacuum Assist

Our exclusive UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist technology provides reliable piercing of brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites.

Fragile materials such as these tend to form craters, cracks, or break during high pressure piercing. UltraPierce is a cutting head option that allows the Paser 4 to pierce these materials easily, saving time and raw material, as well as enhancing the quality of the finished product. UltraPierce's exclusive no clog design pulls abrasive into the cutting head a split second before the waterjet starts so that the waterjet has abrasive particles entrained in the jet stream immediately.