Special Programs

Interested in a Flow waterjet for your educational facility? How about for use as government contractor? We proudly offer specialized program discounts.

Government Savings

Many Flow machine sizes and styles are listed on GSA, ensuring the best possible price for the technology you need. Flow has the most government installations, and we use that experience to make sure your waterjet is successful. For those of you looking for the right waterjet for yourgovernment affiliated institutions, you can rest assured you will get the lowest possible price from Flow.

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Educational Programs

Many of our R&D experts first discovered Flow waterjet in the classroom or lab. We believe in hands on student interaction with state of the art technology. As part of our dedication to deliver this experience, we offer specialized promotions for educational institutions for systems, spares, and training. Flow waterjets are installed in over 150 high schools, vocational schools, community colleges, universities across the world. And, let's not forget it's an awesome technology to see in action, and engaging to students of ages.

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Here's why a Flow waterjet is the ideal machine tool for your school or institution

more time on machines

Less time in the classroom and more time on the machine

A Flow waterjet is the fastest advance machine tool to learn in the market. Why? Because Art to Part is entirely graphical, raster to vector conversion programs even let you bring in jpegs or other images and vectorize them to be cut. Learn more about Flow software

get cutting

Get cutting immediately

When it comes time to cut the part, the software creates the tool path automatically. The student only needs to know the material type, thickness and desired quality level and the machine knows how to cut the part to precision. Low cutting forces means you put a piece of material on the worktable, use simple clamps if the material is light, jog the machine over to the start point, and hit Start - the machine does the rest.

cut anything

Cut anything

Institutions today have a constant need to cut not only basic steel, aluminum or plastic, but also exotic materials like UHMW, Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Composite, Wood - anything. A Flow Waterjet can cut all these materials and more. Virtually any material can be cut by either a Flow pure waterjet for soft materials or a Flow abrasive waterjet for hard materials over 1 foot thick. Learn more about waterjet technology