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Waterjet cutting is an amazing process and is fascinating to watch. Sit back, relax, and watch Flow waterjets in action.

Flow Waterjet + Joe Gibbs Racing: A Winning Team

In 2019, Flow partnered with Joe Gibbs Racing to make waterjet technology a part of their team. Learn how the nearly unlimited possibilities of waterjet are transforming the shop at Joe Gibbs Racing.


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Flow and SME Webinar:  Capabilities and Advancements in Waterjet Technology

Featured Webinar: 10 Critical Factors You Can't Ignore When Considering Waterjet 

With a wide variety of options and configurations to consider, getting guidance from experts is key in making the right choice for your business. Material, productivity requirements, cutting dimensionalities – and more – play a critical role in determining what type of system, pump, and ancillaries will be the best fit for your needs. This webinar explores the most critical considerations you'll take when choosing a waterjet system.

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Past Webinars

Can't Cut This: The Secret to Cutting Complex Materials

Waterjets can cut virtually any material on the planet – including those that are the hardest to machine. Get the inside story about how waterjets are the preferred method for cutting complex, laminated, and brittle materials with ease.

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The Evolution of Waterjet Programming

In this webinar presentation, waterjet experts discuss common waterjet challenges, the history of waterjet software and programming. They also share real-world examples of 5-Axis cutting.

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Higher Pressure & 3D Cutting

Interested in learning about the latest in waterjet cutting technology? In this short presentation, waterjet technology experts reveal why higher pressure works better.  Also discussed is the cutting evolution of 2D to 3D.

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Featured Webinar: Capabilities & Advancements in Waterjet Technology with SME

Waterjet has unique characteristics that have made it one of the fastest growing manufacturing technologies of the past dozen years. In this webinar, Flow and Manufacturing Engineering discuss how the attributes of waterjet cutting and the latest advancements in technology might contribute to your shop.

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Waterjet Cutting for Fabricators: How a waterjet fits in your shop

Waterjet solutions have grown to be one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes of the past 15 years. Regarded as the most versatile process in the world waterjet systems allow fabricators to take on any manner of work. This webinar will discuss the versatility of the waterjet cold-cutting process that is simple to operate and affordable.

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3D Waterjet Cutting: Adding a New Dimension of Opportunity

In this webinar presentation, waterjet experts discuss challenges unique to multi-axis waterjet cutting and utilizing multi-axis waterjet technology to produce highly complex parts. They also share examples of how the latest Dynamic Waterjet® XD technology can be used to grow and expand your business.

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Why You Should Consider a Waterjet

In this webinar presentation, waterjet experts discuss what makes a waterjet special, productivity and versatility gains. They also reference secure and emerging applications.

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Waterjet Dictionary

Waterjet terms might seem unusual if you are new to the technology. Review waterjet technology definitions (from the everyday to the obscure), so you can feel confident in your waterjet know how.

Jump into this handy resource to help de-mystify waterjet terminology.

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Ask Dr. Hashish

Dr. Mohamed Hashish led the Flow team of engineers in the 1970’s who invented the abrasive waterjet.  Dr. Hashish is a world leading expert in high pressure design (with over 45 patents) and tribology, and quite frankly, one of the nicest, most brilliant people you will meet. 

Even with his mountainous list of credentials, he’s willing to answer your personal waterjet questions. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ask Your Question

Dr. Mohamed Hashish drawing waterjet equations on clear board.