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Flow's Mach Series waterjet systems are built to perform at any budget, no matter the application.

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Schematic of Flow waterjet

Advanced Solutions

Proven waterjet solutions from the world's most experienced applications engineering team

In addition to our state-of-the-art Mach Series, we provide complete waterjet solutions that can be customized and developed to match your specific needs.

Circuit board icon. Flow offers high-volume pure waterjet cutting applications.

High-volume pure waterjet cutting applications for electronic components, food products, and more

Clock icon.  Flow advanced solutions can provide around the clock, high-accuracy cutting of titanium, composites, and super alloys.

24/7 high-accuracy waterjet cutting of titanium, composite CFRP, super alloys, and more

Diaper icon.  Flow offers slitting and cross-cutting solutions for continuous production.

Slitting and cross-cutting solutions for continuous production of non-woven, insulation materials, diapers, etc.

Material being peeled away icon. Flow offers waterjet stripping of coatings.

Waterjet stripping of coatings for removal of thermal barrier coating for MRO

Surface showing different textures icon.  Waterjet surface preparation for texturing is available through Flow.

Waterjet surface preparation for surface texturing for coating purposes

Polygon shaped part icon. Flow offers waterjet deburring for small parts.

Waterjet deburring for small, intricate parts

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Close-up of waterjet cutting circuit board. Flow offers custom machining solutions around our Mach series product line.

Should you need customization around our Mach Series product line to really match your application, we are proud to work with you to develop a solution that will efficiently cover your requirements.

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Close-up of waterjet cutting metal material, causing sparks. Flow has multi-axis cutting for production requirements.

6-axis robotic solutions for industrial abrasive and pure waterjet cutting applications.

5-Axis CNC gantry solutions for high accuracy requirements and/or intensive production.

24/7 industrial factory solutions, featuring for example: probing, abrasive management, waste management, water close-loop system, thermal management, process monitoring, remote access, part traceability, and more.

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Close-up of waterjet cutting circuit board. Flow offers 3-Axis Systems for High-Volume parts.

Our high-accuracy singulation solutions are suitable for demanding 24/7 production environments.

Unique advantages include: high-productivity, superior omni-directional cut edge quality, drill and cut capabilities, heat and smoke free, no smearing, no delamination, no chipping.

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Waterjet stripping material from circular metal material. Flow has stripping solutions for coating removal.

We have significant process know-how on waterjet stripping and waterjet surface texturing. Our team has proudly developed automated solutions used in production or MRO environments.

Primary benefits for this process include:

  • High cost efficiency
  • No damage to the part
  • Eco-friendly (water, no chemicals)
  • Fully enclosed work area

When it comes to stripping of surface texturing, we have the solution that you need.

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Flow Slitters and Cross Cutters are the most efficient way to cut paper products.

Waterjet slitting systems are the fastest, most efficient way to cut paper products.

  • Cut dust free, significantly improving work conditions, safety and product quality
  • Eliminate rewinding – a slitter can be installed directly on the machine and the edge meets all requirements for converting operations
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Redundant nozzles double the slitting time between "knife" changes
  • Fast and easy positioning – manual or automatic 
  • Strong and clean cut edges. No blade to dull.

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Flow waterjet cutting multiple carrots. Flow systems are great for food processing, slitting, and portioning.

Our ultrahigh-pressure technology offers practical solutions to many common food industry problems associated with traditional cutting methods. Product waste, production bottlenecks caused by equipment limitations and manual processing, downtime for blade maintenance, bacteria transfer and cross-contamination are reduced or eliminated.

Processors of fruit, vegetables, confectionaries, and meat products are all currently using Flow's waterjet "clean blade" waterjet separation technology to produce healthy, pathogen-free food products.

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Flow waterjet high pressure deburring system, meets multiple geometry needs in mass production environments.

Waterjet technology removes breakable burrs after screw-cutting, lapping, drilling, grinding operations without alteration of material characteristics (no heat affected zone), part dimensions and geometry. It also preserves straight angles and surface quality. Our deburring solutions prepare to high cleanliness levels, including inside parts that are difficult to reach. This unique process runs on any metal, from soft aluminum to hardest titanium.

Examples of parts using our waterjet deburring process include: diesel injection parts, hydraulic circuits parts, steering systems parts and more.

We have developed safe and high performance solutions to meet multiple geometry needs in mass production environments.

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Soil that has been cut with AquaTill No-Till Farming, using ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology.

AquaTill is the latest development in conservation agriculture. Using ultrahigh-pressure tools as a 'liquid coulter' in sustainable farming systems eliminates the need to use metal coulter on a disc seeding unit. 

No-till farming with ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology is the future of plant technology for conservation agriculture. AquaTill allows for minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover (crop residue or live mulch), as well as crop rotation or intercropping.

With AquaTill you get a solution that:

  • Is the ultimate in crop residue management
  • Opens the seeding window
  • Is superior in fertilizer placement

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