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IMTS 2022: A Waterjet Recap


What. A. Week. After a four-year break, it was clear people were excited to be back at IMTS. From start to finish, the energy throughout McCormick Place in Chicago was electric. You’d think six days for a tradeshow is too long, but if you go with the mindset of taking advantage of all IMTS has to offer (the exhibits, the main stage, special events, etc.), you’d see that six days is just about right. There was so much to do and so much to see.

You can always count on Flow to be at IMTS. We look forward to this show every even year. It’s where we get to showcase new products, talk with customers, and meet new folks who are solving new business and application problems. And most importantly, we get to educate the manufacturing world on waterjet technology! We go all in for IMTS, and this year was no different. Keep reading to learn how we made the most of IMTS. 


Waterjet System #1: The All-New EchoJet

This year at IMTS, we launched our 100% brand new waterjet system: the EchoJet. Unlike most waterjets on the market, this system comes fully enclosed, and is built to be a steward of your shop, keeping other machine tools around it clear of spray and debris.

We spent the week cutting designs out of foam using a water-only cutting head (no abrasive needed for cutting foam) on the EchoJet. We kicked off the week cutting racecar helmets then moved on to cutting dinosaurs and monster trucks that required some easy assembly (reminiscent of those cardboard dinosaur models you used to put together as a kid). 


Waterjet System #2: Mach 500

We also brought along a Mach 500 waterjet system with a HyperJet pump and Dynamic Waterjet XD cutting head. I know, it’s a mouthful. Let me break it down. Our Mach 500 is one of our premium waterjets. The HyperJet pump is our intensifier pump that cuts up to 94,000 psi. And our Dynamic Waterjet XD cutting head is used for advanced, 5-axis cutting.

We cut .25” aluminum on this waterjet all week – a part that showcased the Dynamic XD cutting head’s ability to cut quick, accurate bevels and 3D cuts.  

Waterjet System #3: Mach 200

Finally, we showcased our Mach 200 waterjet system with our new MotoJet X pump and Pivot+ cutting head. The MotoJet X intensifier pump pressurizes water up to 65,000 psi and is the longest-lasting intensifier on the market. The Pivot+ cutting head is capable of cutting bevels with up to 60 degrees of motion.

We cut .25” aluminum on this system as well, featuring parts that really showed off the bevel capabilities of the system. 

FlowXpert Infinity

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the four (yes, four!) software stations we had in our booth where we spent the week demonstrating our all-new FlowXpert Infinity software. Each new Flow system comes equipped with FlowXpert Infinity – a complete CAD package with 2D and 3D capabilities.

#19 Flow Car

Finally (and one of the highlights of the show for a lot of us), we showcased the Joe Gibbs Racing, Xfinity Series, #19 Toyota alongside our waterjets in the booth. Attendees got an up close and personal look at the winning racecar, which features parts cut with a Flow waterjet. On September 13, winning driver, Brandon Jones made a special appearance in the Flow booth, signed autographs, and took pictures with attendees who stopped by to see him. Thanks Brandon and Joe Gibbs Racing!

Miles for Manufacturing

This year, we’re proud to say we carried the Flow spirit outside of the booth with a few of our team members participating in the Miles for Manufacturing 5K  – a fundraising event where 100% of the proceeds go to education programs that help prepare students for careers in manufacturing technology. We may or may not have set a few personal records this race. 

IMTS 2022 was a not-to-miss show, but we get that everyone can’t make it. If that was you, catch us at FABTECH in Atlanta, GA from November 8 to 10. See you then!