A Waterjet Built for You

Flow's Mach Series waterjet systems are built to perform at any budget, no matter the application.

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Schematic of Flow's Mach 4c waterjet
Schematic of Flow's Mach 4c waterjet

A Waterjet Built for You

Flow's Mach Series waterjet systems are built to perform at any budget, no matter the application.

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The Mach 4c Series

Years Ahead

Engineered tough and wrapped in a sleek modular design, every feature on the Mach 4 is purposefully constructed to make you more productive.

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Side view of Flow's Mach 4c waterjet. With a durable design, they are engineered tough.

Engineered Tough

With durable design throughout, the Mach 4 is made up of precision machined and thermally stress-relieved solid steel weldments or cast iron castings, easily handling even the most rigorous use day in and day out.

Schematic of Mach 4c, showcasing its modular design.

Modular Design

Unlike any other system available, this easily expandable modular design allows your waterjet system to grow with your business. Add increased capabilities and cutting area as needed.

Nexen Roller Pinion system offers zero backlash.

Zero Backlash

Achieve speed and accuracy with zero backlash with the Nexen Roller Pinion System offered exclusively by Flow. This special motion system combines the best features of linear motors, precision ball screws and pinion systems without the compromises – providing high speed cutting at unrivaled precision.

The roll-around control console allows you to move freely around the waterjet.

Roll-Around Control

Move freely about your waterjet, taking your touch screen control console with you for your convenience.

Exclusive under bridge lighting provides enhanced workpiece visability.

Enhanced Workpiece Visability

Exclusive under bridge LED lighting provides increased visibility, helping to improve part accuracy and reduce operator fatigue.

Integrated operator step allows for additional workpiece access.

Accessibility Step

The machine design provides optimal system stability. It can also be used as an integrated operator step, for additional access to your workpiece as needed.

Ergonomic toe-kick allows for comfortable access to the worktable.

Ergonomic Toe-Kick

Another example of the details operators love is the unique toe-kick, which allows for more comfortable access to the worktable.

Available Machine Sizes

Select to see configuration machine size.

[40+ configurations available]

Flow Mach 4 2020c waterjet 2020c
Flow Mach 4 3080c waterjet 3080c
Flow Mach 4 4020c waterjet 4020c
Flow Mach 4 4080c waterjet 4080c


Traverse Range

Up to 1,400 in/min [36 m/min]

Linear Straightness Accuracy

+/- 0.001 in/3 ft [+/- 0.025 mm/m]


+/- 0.001 in [+/- 0.025 mm]

Core Component Options

Pure Waterjet
Hair-thin pure waterjet stream ideal for cutting soft materials.

Dynamic Waterjet®
Flow's patented technology to remove taper, improve accuracy and decrease part cycle time over Standard Waterjet.

Standard Waterjet
Uses garnet abrasive to cut virtually any hard material.

Dynamic XD®
Cuts with 5-axis motion for bevel and cutting compound angles with high accuracy.

HyPlex® Prime
4,150 bar [60,000 psi]
The highest pressure, most advanced direct drive pump available today, with pressures rated at 4,150 bar [60,000 psi].

6,500 bar [94,000 psi]
Provides maximum productivity with continuous operating pressures of 6,000 bar [87,000 psi].

4,150 bar [60,000 psi]
The longest lasting, lowest maintenance ultrahigh-pressure pump in the industry with continuous operating pressure at 4,150 bar [60,000 psi].

Simply enter basic cutting parameters, such as material type, thickness, and desired edge finish, and FlowPath does the rest.

FlowXpert® 2015
Elite software module that allows you to work more effectively in 3D, with less complexity.

A powerful geometric nesting module that allows for small parts to be placed within larger parts.

The control system for Flow waterjet systems that integrates the operation of the ultrahigh-pressure pump, cutting head, and XY cutting table.

We are Dedicated to You

When you invest in your shop, you expect the best. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to keep your system running its best. Professional training is available in both classroom settings, as well as on site. Learn more about Flow's service commitment

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