Close up of pure waterjet stream, Flow waterjet cutting paper material
Flow waterjet slitting system, cutting paper material


View looking upwards at Flow waterjet slitting system, cutting paper material


Paper Products

Cutting Paper Products with Waterjet

Waterjets changed the way the paper and disposable diaper industry does business. Thirty years ago, manufacturers faced the same concerns many manufacturers have today: reliability, redundancy, 24-hour operation. Waterjet slitting systems are the fastest, most efficient way to cut paper and disposable diaper products. Waterjets produce no airborne dust, and do not dull.

The Best Edge

Edge strength tests comparing waterjets with knives on lightweight paper and tissue grades show that the water edge is as strong as a sharp knife. However, the waterjet edge never dulls, so your maintenance is reduced and your operating cycles are longer. Waterjets cut coated paper stock without edge cracking, and diaper cross cutting and leg cut outs at incredible speeds.

Minimal Kerfs

The waterjet cuts cleanly at any paper machine speed or cutting angle and is easy to integrate with any automatic threading device.

Key Benefits to Paper with Waterjet

  • Cut dust free
  • 24 hour a day operation with redundant systems
  • Improved working conditions
  • Eliminate rewinding  by slitting paper on-line
  • Strong cut edges
  • Clean cuts
  • Minimal kerf