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DXF Art to Part

Many of our customers have asked us for a source of dxf files that they can use with FlowMaster® or CAD/CAM programs such as Mastercam or BobCAD.

Art to PartOur Applications Lab did some searching and found DXF Design Art to Part, a book and CD with over 6,000 dxf files.   Some are just right for cutting on a waterjet while others are better for engraving or milling.

It has a wide variety of pictures ranging from animals to cartoons, borders to logos, and symbols and letters in a variety of fonts.

Some of the drawings may need extensive modifications of removing or adding lines before they can be efficiently cut on the waterjet while others are ready to go with just a small amount of cleanup.

  Contact Us for More Information!  For more information on DXF Design Art to Part, call us at 800-526-4810.