Waterjet Cutting Technology


The Most Advanced and Robust High Pressure System Available


94,000 psi rated pumps vs. 60,000 psi rated pumps:

  • Cuts 30-50% faster
  • Uses 30-50% less abrasive
  • Delivers 20-30% lower part cost
  • Extremely fast and simple maintenance

HyperPressureSince the inception of waterjet cutting in the early 1970's, cutting pressures have consistently and steadily increased.  The reason is simple, Pressure = Productivity.  Increase the waterjet pressure and the stream moves faster, reduces in diameter, and uses less abrasive (the highest cost consumable). 


Flow's HyperPressure pump, called the HyperJet® 94i, is rated at 94,000 psi and delivers continuous operating pressure at an incredible 87,000 psi,  — a large increase in pressure from traditional 55,000 to 60,000 psi rated ultrahigh-pressure systems. Much as the wattage of a CO2 laser increases cut speed, increased water pressure increases cut speed.

As the pressure goes up the stream velocity increases, delivering greater cutting power density.  With the 94i HyperJet pump, stream velocities approach Mach 4, four times the speed of sound.

From stone to aluminum, steel to exotic composites, increases of 30-50% in cutting speeds are a result of accelerating the abrasive waterjet stream to the fastest level available.  Regardless of material or thicknesses, cutting speeds increase with higher pressure.

Higher speeds and increased production doesn't come at a higher cost — 94i HyperJet pumps cost less to operate. The savings comes from the abrasive. 

Abrasive constitutes 2/3 of the machine operating cost, and as pressure goes up, the stream moves faster and becomes smaller in diameter.  Less abrasive is then entrained into the stream, but each particle carries more momentum and cutting power. 

HyperPressure pumps can operate at 45% higher pressure or more compared to standard pumps. With abrasive costs representing a majority of the operating cost of any waterjet pump, using 30-50% less abrasive with a HyperPressure pump will save money. This results in a lower operating cost than traditional pumps at lower pressure while yielding much faster cutting.

Lower operating costs combined with increased speeds mean the cost per part or contract job will be greatly reduced. The option of running a more efficient shop, producing more parts in less time at a lower cost makes the exclusive Flow HyperPressure pump a clear choice.

Faster cutting speeds mean more parts can be cut; throughput for any shop will increase. From in-house production to custom fabrication and contract manufacturing shops, more jobs can be completed in less time with a 94i HyperPressure pump.

As business grows and floor space becomes scarce, additional machinery is an undesirable answer. Increased production capability with Flow's exclusive 94i HyperPressure pump will accommodate growth in every business without increasing floor space, utility requirements or employees.

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