Waterjet Cutting

Years Ahead

Mach 4 Waterjet Series 

When you are looking for the waterjet system that surpasses the rest, check out our elite waterjet collection, Flow's Mach 4 Series.

Featuring Flow's revolutionary Dynamic Waterjet XD, Mach 4 waterjets allow you to cut virtually any shape faster, and with more precision, including bevel and 3D.

  • Mach 4c

    Mach 4c Waterjet Models

    The Mach 4c models are ideal for high-production utilizing up to 4 cutting heads, or low production runs and the high job variations common to just-in-time manufacturing or job shop and contract production environments.  Read more >>

  • Mach 4 - 5 axis

    Mach 4 AF Waterjet Models

    Abrasive waterjet systems excel at three-dimensional cutting, and Flow manufactures a complete line of turnkey systems for cutting complex shapes.

    Our Mach 4 AF systems cut with precision accuracy, at speeds up to 400 inches per minute.  Read more >>

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Dynamic Waterjet XD


Dynamic Waterjet XD introduces the first high-precision 3D cutting technology of its kind.  Learn more >>