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Mach 3b Waterjet Models

The Mach 3 series offers you the world’s most reliable ultrahigh-pressure pump, intelligent process monitoring, and an array of unparalleled options all integrated into the most powerful waterjet control available.


Flow's Mach 3 Waterjets 

This system configuration incorporates a design that combines the motion control, pump and high-pressure components into one compact machine.

It consumes minimal floor space, provides excellent operator access, and is configured for easy material loading and unloading.

Special Features 

  • Dynamic Waterjet increases speed and reduces taper
  • Mach 3 Ball Screw DriveThree-sided load capability; with four-sided operator access
  • Uniquely designed which minimizes footprint by integrating pump into the backside of the machine frame, allowing all facets of machine to be controlled by roll-around control.
  • Variety of pump selections from the 60K psi Direct Drive up to Flow's exclusive HyperPressure pumps, rated up to 94K psi.
  • Paser Abrasivejet cutting systems


Options and Accessories 

  • Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Head Dynamic Waterjet for faster, more accurate cutting
  • Dynamic Waterjet® XD - for faster more accurate bevel and 3D cutting 
  • High-Performance Package featuring NanoDrive System
  • Operator Convenience Package
  • WaterVeyor® Abrasive Removal System
  • UltraPierce™  - ideal for cutting brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites.
  • Laser Edge Finder  - allows a waterjet operator to precisely position their Flow waterjet at an exact position on the workpiece being cut.
  • Multiple head option, including patented Paser abrasive cutting system for peak performance  
  • Water Only Cutting Head - cutting with an exceptionally small stream, with virtually no water to the area being cut.  
  • Cuts higher precision parts with a variety of software packages available, including FlowMaster easy to use software.
  • Elite 3D software module
  • 2,000 pound bulk abrasive hopper - for longer periods of uninterrupted cutting and increased productivity.  
  • Dynamic Waterjet for faster, more accurate cutting FlowNest software - with full geometric software with scrap remenant control (small parts are automatically nested within larger parts)
  • FlowSHIFT™ Vectorization Software - converts images, sketches, and line drawings to vector formats in minutes
  • Smart Stream technology
  • Interchangeable pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting head systems available to cut a wide variety of materials
  • Variety of pump configurations up to 94,000 psi
  • HyperJet pump option rated up to 94,000 psi
  • Professional classroom training; as well as on-site familiarization with every machine
  • Widest variety of Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond orifices to match every application


Mach 3b Models:

  • 1313b
    Work envelope: 1.3m x 1.3m (4ft x 4ft) 
  • 2513b 
    Work envelope: 2.5m x 1.3m (8ft x 4ft)
  • 3020b
    Work envelope: 3m x 2m (10ft x 6.5ft)
  • 4020b
    Work envelope: 4m x 2m (13ft x 6.5ft)
  • 7320b
    Work envelope: 7.3m x 2m (24ft x 6.5ft)



Accuracy (+/-)


+/- .0015" per 3 feet




Repeatability (+/-)






Speed Range


Up to 500 ipm

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Customer Story

"We now use the waterjet to cut metal much faster than our previous methods."

Jonathan Gross, Mile Ten Machining Read More

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Check out the following Mach 3b models: 1313b, 2513b, 3020b, 4020b, and 7320b.


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Dynamic Waterjet for faster, more accurate cutting

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